Sapphire Preparing R9 285 ITX Compact Graphics Card

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If you’ve been looking for a compact AMD graphics card for a small form factor build up until now your best option has been MSI’s R9 270X Gaming ITX graphics card. Well now it is time for an upgrade courtesy of Sapphire who are putting AMD’s power efficient Tonga GPU to good use. Sapphire are releasing their R9 285 ITX Compact graphics card which as the name suggests features a special compact design but still has enough power to take on compact variants of Nvidia’s GTX 760, and hopefully win. sapphire_compact_itx_r9_285_2

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Sapphire’s R9 285 ITX Compact graphics card measurements in at 17cm long, 11cm tall and dual slot thickness. A single 100mm fan is in charge of the cooling alongside what appears to be three 6mm copper heat pipes. Sapphire are equipping their standard dual-BIOS feature so you can choose between UEFI and legacy. The card runs at stock clocks of 918MHz core and 5.5GHz memory. Expect pricing of this card to hold a slight premium over the MSRP of $249.99 for the R9 285.sapphire_compact_itx_r9_285_3

Source: TechPowerUp

Images courtesy of Sapphire

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