Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 OC Graphics Card Video Review

/ 6 years ago

With the 7950 official launch day being yesterday, we made sure to have a look at at least one card for launch to get the juices flowing, and now we can sit back and figure out how we can show different angles of this new GPU with its new technology.

This includes seeing how far things overclock, and of course obtaining more cards to show off the potential behind the 7950 cards in CrossFireX.

This will all come in due course, but for now, we were more interested to see what some of AMD’s other partners have come up with in terms of a custom 7950 and our prayers were answered when the Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 OC landed with us. With an overclocked core clock speed of 900MHz and a custom cooler design, we’re very hopeful that this card can compete with the already mind-blowing XFX 7950 Black Edition that we already looked at.

For now, we thought that we’d give you a brief  look at the card and its design and aesthetics, before we delve in and show you some of the performance figures behind it.

For more information, we will be publishing a fully written review showcasing the extensive benchmarks and tests, whilst looking at the card in a lot more detail, but for now; enjoy.



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