SATA-IO to Enable Higher Speed Storage Applications with SATA Express Specification

/ 7 years ago

The Serial ATA International Organisation (SATA-IO) announced yesterday that it is developing SATA Express, a new specification that combines SATA infrastructure with the PCI Express interface. SATA Express enables the development of new devices using the PCIe interface and improves their SATA applications. More importantly, it will provide a cost-effective means to increase device interface speeds firstly to 8 Gb/s and eventually 16 Gb/s.

SSD’s are already starting to push the limits of the existing SATA III 6Gb/s and so this new SATA Express will allow the continuation of development of yet even faster drives. The specification will define new device and motherboard connectors so that both SATA devices and the new SATA Express devices can be supported.

“The SATA Express specification provides SSD and hybrid drive manufacturers the advantages of performance and scalability enabled by PCIe 3.0 – which is available now – and the ubiquity of SATA,” said Mladen Luksic, SATA-IO president. “We expect the SATA Express specification to be completed by the end of 2011.”

Hopefully we have more details for you very soon.

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