Not Satisfied With Google Glass? Try Google Frames On You Own Personal Glasses

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Google Glass had its fair share of ups and downs, with its announcement of features and specs, to getting fined and arrested for using them in the wrong place at the wrong time. But now Google has also delivered on its promise to release a frame version of the popular gadget, priced at $225.

The frames are reported to be separate from the Glass, which costs roughly $1500, a steep price for a mainstream style of Explorer shades. But Google promised that it will release a frame version, a key requirement set by Google, before the product hits the retail shelves. There are reportedly four versions of Google Frame devices and are mainly dedicated to people who need prescription glasses and therefore cannot use the Explorer edition. However, they have also set up some pretty neat ‘geeky’ non-prescription lenses versions of their own.


Google is reportedly naming the frame collection “Titanium collection”, having being designed by Google rather than a third-party contractor. The frames are made of titanium, hence the naming, having a limited style ranging from thin to light weight. However, they are described as being ‘evocative’ by lead Glass designer, Isabelle Olsson.

“When you walk into a glasses store they have thousands of styles,” Isabelle says. “When you start to categorize them you realize that there are only about six to eight styles that people wear.” she added.


Don’t confuse the Google Frame as being a different product, they are still in the same category as Google Glass, being dubbed as “a new accessory to the technology”. The four frames are available in a choice of eight colors, including the original palette of Charcoal, Cotton, Shale, Sky, and Tangerine, and new arrivals Classic and Edge. Google says that the new frames and colors now provide more than 40 different style combinations for would-be Glass owners.

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