Scammers Find New Way of Stealing Facebook Users’ Credentials and Money

/ 2 years ago


Scammers will never stop finding ways to try to steal your accounts and money. The latest points to a method involving Facebook messages sent out to random users, stating that their account will be disabled if they don’t log into their account and re-enter their payment information.

Clicking the link provided will inevitably redirect users to a scam web page that looks similar to the look and feel of Facebook’s theme, but as far as I’ve seen, it is easily distinguishable by its link. I mean Facebook staff will never ever ask for your login information and payment credentials in the first place and secondly, the page has a lot of grammatical errors.

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As you can see from the pictures below, someone with more advanced experience of Facebook or websites in general will clearly identify the pages as being fake. However, there are still inexperienced users out there who might fall for this scam.




Even if the pages are not clearly recognizable as being fake, though they are at first sight, another key element is the bad English. I mean who expects a company such as Facebook to allow such bad grammar to be used on their official web pages? Would you fall for it?

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