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The Insomnia i52 event in Coventry, UK, is now in full swing and the crowds are flooding through the doors to check out the latest and greatest technology in the exhibitors hall. Our first stop this weekend is the Scan booth, they’ve got some really great stuff on display this time around, ranging from peripherals, PC cases, graphics cards and plenty of systems setup for people to take a seat and enjoy some gaming action on many of today’s latest games.

First up we have the new be quiet! chassis, which we’ll have in for review very soon, so stay tuned for more on this one!



The new Corsair RGB keyboard strutting its funky stuff.


The lovely new Air 240 kitted out with a custom water cooled build.


The robotic looking teletubby rocked up to say hi, awesome outfit, but I’m not sure why or what he was trying to promote.

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The new Scan 3XS Battlebox Z, not cheap, but with a Titan in there, you know it packs some serious punch.


A custom 3XS system on display, The Bear.



More gaming rigs setup for people to drop by and play some games, each kitted with Corsair chassis and Asus peripherals.


A custom Red Harbinger desk fitted with a high end gaming rig, three monitors and a PlayStation 4.




Even more gaming rigs to play on.


Their ultimate racing rig setup.



More custom rigs and a sales desk for those wanting to purchase items, take advantage of even deals and more.


That’s everything from the Scan booth for today, but we’ll be back with more coverage of i52 very shortly.

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