Scientists Use Weird Laser-Flower Device to Gather Data on Nuclear Experiments

/ 3 years ago

Wide-angle Optical Multi-channel Probe (WOMP)

While this might look like a nightclub disco light, it is not. The device is called a Wide-angle Optical Multi-channel Probe and it comes straight out of the research halls of the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

It looks like the scientists created the device in order to gather relevant data on nuclear experiments without the need to physically detonate a nuclear warhead. The gadget is said to be able to provide a lot of data without the critical mass of plutonium. Below is a short description of how they intend to use it.

“This specialised laser instrument allows Los Alamos scientists to perform sophisticated nuclear experiments and gather significant amounts of data without a critical mass of plutonium. The data is used to help validate the extremely complex computer codes that reside on the laboratory’s world class supercomputers. These codes along with thousands of experiments conducted across the laboratory allow Laboratory staff and ultimately the Director to assess the state and health of the Nation’s nuclear deterrent and report those findings ultimately to the President of the United States.”

For people who want to know more about the Los Alamos invention in regards to safety, reliability and performance, their website provides more detailed information.

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