Sea of Thieves Season 10 Release is a Joke

Don’t get me wrong I love Sea of Thieves, it is one of my favourite games and I have well over a thousand hours in it and so do many of my friends. So it pains me so much and after such a long wait, a shocking ten months, since the release of season 9. I’ve been waiting all day to go on with friends, so you can imagine our disappointment when we learned that there was nothing new, and worse still, that they removed a popular quest.

Sea of Thieves

We loaded into the game and saw the in-game cinematic trying to sell us all the new cosmetics in the item shop and didn’t care that much every game tries to sell you something these days (I’m looking at YOU Modern Warfare III). Now that’s not much of an issue, so we went through making our guild, the magnificently named “Porkin Pirates the Purveyors of Mischief”, and loaded in. Imagine our shock when the realisation hit us that there was literally nothing to do that we hadn’t done a thousand times before and not just that, they even removed one of the best quests for gold in the game.

It’s been 10 Months Since the Season 9 Update

I don’t mind having small seasons and there is more to come in this season but making us wait ten months and the biggest thing they gave us was yet another way to grind the same quests and world events for new accommodations (basically achievements but without the prestige of an achievement). It’s not that I don’t like this feature but, just gives us a new way to grind the same stuff we have been doing for ten months as a way of giving us a plaque on the ship. I think that guilds are a great addition but shouldn’t be the centre of attention.

Changed, but not better…

I still love this game so much and will still play, but it’s so frustrating that there are three studios working on the game! They removed one of the most popular and lucrative quests due to bugs, rather than fix it, and have given the weapons a little tweak meaning they now can’t be quickly swapped either. Really, all of this has taken 10 months!?

Steam Charts

All of this is just a bit of an insult considering the long wait which was only made worse by them just extending it rather than telling us how long it would be from the start. It also seems like some people think there isn’t much to do. Also, we looked at the Steam Charts and saw that they barely went up with what is supposed to be the biggest update in nearly a year. Is this the sign of the end for Sea of Thieves?

What do you think?

I honestly hate this update despite everything good that came with it, I imagine many others were so excited to finally do something new and this just came as a slap in the face. When we realized that our reward for patience was more of the same, but this time with a chance to get a shiny new plaque!

I would like to say that this game would still be amazing for newcomers and that there is much potential but after this long wait it’s safe to say my friends and I are more than a little fed up.

Please tell us what you think, I would love to know that I’m not alone. If you want to try Sea of Thieves, you can check it out here.

James Cusworth

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