Sea of Thieves 1.0.4 Update Patch Now Available

Spring Cleaning with a Big 1.3GB Patch

Sea of Thieves has rolled out the v1.0.4 patch, bringing in 1.3GB worth of updates to the pirate adventure game. This not only brings the Pirate Legend customizations, and new sound effects, it also fixes several performance and game issues which players have brought up. For a bit of “spring cleaning”, it is now easier to drop items overboard. As well as place chests and skulls on shelves in the Captain’s cabin. Push-to-talk on PC is now possible to rebind on the list of controller actions.

What Performance Improvements Are New in the v.1.0.4 Patch?

  • Improved performance on high resolution PCs running at lower than native resolution.
  • The number of instances of rubber banding and teleporting players has been reduced.
  • Increased quality of island rendering at a distance when using the spyglass on all quality settings on both platforms. (This has no effect when the island is too far away to be loaded).
  • Multiple server crash fixes.

What Issues Are Fixed in the v.1.0.4 Update?

  • The server migration-free zone around the Skeleton Forts has been doubled.
  • Trading companies now inform you when you have reached the voyage purchase limit for the day (Refreshes at 6am in-game time).
  • Fixed clipping of reward values in wallet UI animations.
  • Fixed text clipping in the Reputation menu UI.
  • Company icons in the voyage pop-up UI are now the correct size.
  • Ammo box on Lookout Point can now be used.
  • Skeleton crews encountered during bounty quests and skeleton forts now have correctly matching attire.
  • Players weapon selection from the Armoury should no longer reset to default after death.
  • A notification should now trigger when a crewmate finds a reward from a Message in a Bottle map.
  • Ships should no longer spawn with damage.
  • Voyage description text has been increased in size, and should now be easier to read from a distance.
  • Filters in the Equipment Chest will no longer become impossible to select.
  • Candles are no longer floating in the air on Old Salts Atoll
  • Lantern in the north-western part of Kraken’s Fall is no longer floating above the barrels.
  • Skeleton Fort Cannons can once again be manned by players without fear of an explosive demise.
  • Appearance of the water in the Legend Hideout has been improved.
  • Rain will no longer appear inside the Legend Hideout Tunnel.
  • Players will now correctly take damage from gunpowder kegs whilst underwater.
  • Multiple text bugs and NPC dialogue issues in English have been resolved.

What Known Issues Are In This Patch?

Players may experience details of their pirate (such as hair colour / scars) looking different from their initial selection. The Skeleton Fort or Bounty quest skeleton waves sometimes spawn in the ground or cannot be found at all. Although improvements to spawning are present in this latest patch, the developers are still working on all islands.

PC users who find their push-to-talk option resets to disabled between sessions will be glad to hear it is now fixed. The only caveat is that it is not included yet in this update, but will be available on the next patch.

Ron Perillo

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