Seagate 2TB Beskar Ingot RGB Mandalorian External HDD Review

Packaging & Accessories

The box is nicely designed, as you can see the Beskar drive through that massive window. If that doesn’t sell you on the drive, then I don’t know what will! You can also see it has a 2TB capacity, that it has RGB, and is part of their Firecuda series.

Around the back, there’s just an international breakdown of the product description and some serial numbers, nothing too fancy really.

The packaging is all pretty straightforward, with a durable box and a clamshell plastic tray that keeps the drive secure with some air-gapped spaces.

There are these lovely white stickers, hard to see I know, but they should look cool on a bit of tempered glass or darker surfaces.

There’s a USB SATA cable included in the box, it’s not overly long, so it won’t clog your desk when it’s plugged into a laptop or console. It’s a sturdy cable design too, with a nice quality black braiding.

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