Seagate 2TB Beskar Ingot RGB Mandalorian External HDD Review

A Closer Look

So for the sake of this review, I’ve found a nice image of what a Beskar Ingot should look like (thanks Wookieepedia). And straight away, I must admit that Seagate has really nailed the styling. I guess Beskar mostly just looks like stacked and twisted Damascus steel, albeit Beskar is a mono-material, not stacked layers… and on another note, I watch way too much Forged in Fire.

Seagate obviously got the official licence for this design though, and it shows. Having the official emblems on there really completes the look. of course, while this is just a regular FireCuda drive underneath, having a nice external design is no bad thing.

This one is stamped into the top panel.

This one is surface printed, much like the Beskar lines.

The Seagate logo is also stamped into the top panel.

This drive is going to be something I’d use a lot. It’s going to be sitting under my TV plugged into the Nvidia Shield, or into one of my consoles. If it’s on my desk, I’m going to be even closer to it still, and I’d certainly have something that tickles my love of sci-fi TV than a boring black box.

Of course, I think we can all agree that a Mandolorian drive is going to be cooler than a Book of Boba Fett drive would be anyway, ha! One of those shows is not like the other.

The core hardware here is pretty decent though, a 2TB drive is plenty. That offers a good level of capacity, without getting up to silly prices. Seagate does make bigger drives, but again, they’ll be more expensive and also heavier. This one stays pretty slim, making it easy enough to slip in a laptop bad.

At the back, there’s a simple connector for the USB cable, no external power is required, which makes it very quick and easy to set up on a wide range of devices. There’s also a small read indication light in the corner so you don’t disconnect the drive while it’s reading/writing.

Around the back, there’s a nice graphic and some cool text. I won’t lie, I’m very new to Star Wars having only watched the movies for the first time last year (yes, I’m serious), and that includes the new TV shows, so I can’t say I recognise the meaning here. I’ll watch it all again in the coming weeks and I’ll see this text somewhere and point in amazement when I do.

Maybe a more established fan can translate in the comments section?

Overall, it’s a very nice looking drive, cool, stylish and a lot more understated than I expected. However, for fans of the Mandolorian, it is undoubtedly a very cool design.

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