Seagate 2TB Beskar Ingot RGB Mandalorian External HDD Review

There’s no shortage of external hard drives on the market, that’s for sure. However, while many of them are generic, I love what Seagate has been doing to keep things fresh. They’ve got a huge range of unique designs that really stand out from the crowd. Thankfully, this is no mere novelty drive, as it’s part of their FireCuda series, one of the best consumer storage ranges out there. The drives in their various themes are available in External HDD, M.2 SSD, and SATA SSD form factors to suit your own needs. I’m still a fan of the Halo drives they did last year, but this year, it’s all about one of the hottest topics in the Star Wars franchise. I am of course talking about The Mandalorian.

Seagate 2TB Beskar Ingot HDD

No, this drive isn’t really made out of a Beskar ingot (I mean… obviously!), actually, the external shell isn’t even made of metal. It’s actually more of a hard-wearing rubber/plastic material that’s lighter and durable to keep the internal hard drive safe. However, it’s been given a funky design to make it look like an Ingot of Beskar. You may wonder why even bother? But if you use an external HDD like me, it’s out on show quite a lot, always dotted around my desk, various computers, laptops, etc, so having something that looks nice is certainly no bad thing. It’s still a decent drive underneath though, offering USB 3.2 Gen 1 speeds with no need for additional power cables, so it’s plug-and-play on a wide range of compatible devices.

  • This external hard drive is inspired by the Mandalorian’s beskar ingot.
  • Forged with a beskar ingot design, this collectible’s theme is inspired by The Mandalorian™, down to its Imperial stamp.
  • Comes out of the box equipped with Mandalorain-inspired blue LED lighting.
  • Light up the atmosphere with built-in, customisable LED RGB lighting.
  • Works with PC, Mac, PlayStation, and Xbox.
  • A bold design to complement a Star Wars-themed collection in your office, living room, or gaming battlestation.
  • Lightweight design makes it easy to take the whole library on the road.
  • USB 3.2 Gen 1 bus-powered for simple plug-and-play compatibility and less clutter.

What Seagate Had to Say

“Receive the ultimate reward for your bounty with the officially licensed Beskar™ Ingot Drive. This Special Edition FireCuda External Hard Drive comes forged with a beskar ingot design and features custom Mandalorian-inspired blue LED lighting right out of the box. Plus, with its massive capacity, you can build a galaxy of media, files, and games.” – Seagate

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