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Seagate FireCuda 2TB 2.5″ SSHD Review

BootRacer 6.50

The real strength of SSHDs are their improved boot times and loading times. BootRacer is a great application to measure this as it in its simplicity measures how long Windows requires for its boot process. It will show both the time for Windows itself to be loaded as well as the overall time until everything is loaded and you have arrived at the desktop.

Testing this feature is simple. I am simply using Acronis True Image HD 2014 to clone my SSD onto the SSHD drive with BootRacer already installed. This will give us a comparable view, and in the following ten boot cycles, we will see how the drive sorts the boot data by itself and thereby decreases the overall Windows boot times.

Drive Comparison

To put these figures into context, I’ve cloned the same drive image onto a mechanical hard disk drive, and we already have the results from a solid state drive.

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Bohs Hansen

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