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Seagate Releases Budget Nytro 141 SSDs

Over the past couple of years, we’ve witnessed the rise of solid state storage. Due to flash memory SSDs dominating the market, traditional hard drive manufacturers are in a pinch. While hard drives are sought after, the demand just isn’t the same anymore. As part of their efforts to diversify, Seagate is releasing another new SSD. We have the new Nytro 141 budgets SSDs making the rounds.

Seagate is one of three remaining hard disk drive manufacturers. The company is at the forefront of adapting to the changing market but is hamstrung in several ways. For one, rival Western Digital has its own NAND fabs due to the SanDisk acquisition. This places Seagate at a distinct disadvantage. Though Seagate was the first to offer Hybrid drives, SSDs have been slow to come by. Ever since the initial 600 and 600p launch, consumer drives have been missing.

Seagate Offers Write or Read Intensive Models

Just like the 600 and 600p series, Seagate is splitting up their lineup. There will be a capacity oriented drive with regular over-provisioning for most consumers. For those with more specific needs, there is a sustained performance model with more overprovisioning. The drives use TLC NAND to offer up to 1TB of storage and a 5-year warranty. The controller is likely a Phison one given the specifications. SK Hynix may be providing the NAND given the past partnership. Performance is relatively consistent across the lineup. As a plus, Seagate is providing sustained performance numbers as well.

Due to the market position, Seagate is targeting the budget server/database and consumer market. Of course, Seagate expects different customers to pick up different drives. For most consumers, the cost-competitive model will be more interesting. Hopefully, Seagate will follow up with more SSD offerings to leverage their customer relationships. More competition is always better. However, it remains to be seen how competitive they can be without their own fabs.

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