Seagate Special Edition Grogu 2TB Portable HDD Review

A Closer Look

I’ve seen a few of these Seagate Special Editions over the years, but as a newly forged Star Wars fan myself, I must admit, I have a bit of a soft spot for this one. I only saw the films for the first time last year (yes, seriously) and even as I write this review, I’m wrapping up my second run through it all. Not that I mean to digress too much, but I’m watching Boba Fett on Disney+ while writing this in preparation for Obi-Wan later in the week. Given the choice of all three drives though, I made the right call with the Grogu drive, it looks great!

It’s not a photo, which I think would look cheap. Instead, it’s a custom graphic that looks more like a rich watercolour painting than anything.

It’s got a green, or Grogu-Esque coloured design, with a pale green hard-wearing finish that works well for the theme.

Tucked into the top corner, is an embossed Firecuda logo.

And in the bottom right, a Seagate logo, but otherwise, the branding is kept neat and tidy.

It looks like the graphic is printed on the surface, albeit, I can’t feel a texture to it and it feels like a durable finish that should stand up to any scuffs and scrapes.

Down the front edge, an RGB LED strip which can be customised on PC using their desktop app. However, it defaults to a fixed colour if left to its own devices.

Beyond that, it’s nice and compact, making it pretty easy to hold in one hand. It’s also nice and slim, so slipping it into your backpack or a laptop case shouldn’t be an issue either.

However, because of its fancy design, it’s nice to have an external HDD that you can leave up on your desk next to your laptop, or next to your console or TV, and it’s not going to look like a boring grey lump like many external drives. Plus, I can save all my most important Star Wars files on it…

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Peter Donnell

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