Seagate Special Edition Grogu 2TB Portable HDD Review

How Much Does it Cost?

Stock for the Grogu edition seems to be sold out or unavailable in the UK at the time of writing. However, Seagate has a Where to Buy section that may come in handy in tracking down stock at other retailers. That being said, I found the Mando version of the drive on Amazon UK, but the price seemed a little higher than MSRP at £127 so not sure what’s going on there. The drives are showing an MSRP of £109.99 on the Seagate website. Furthermore, you can get it on Amazon US for just $109.99.


This is a great little drive, that’s sure to tick that extra box for those of you who love Star Wars. External storage is a pretty dull affair even at the best of times, so having something that looks cool is a little bit of a treat. I’ll admit though, that the core hardware here isn’t anything new, and if you wanted the plain drive, it would be around £20 cheaper. You’re paying extra for the custom design and the Star Wars licence, but honestly, I’m OK with that. I do like that there are multiple designs to choose from too, but let’s be honest, Grogu is the best, right!?

The performance isn’t going to set the world on fire, but it’s not terrible either. Backing up a few gigabytes doesn’t take long at all. Worst case, if you’re backing up a 100GB game on your PlayStation or Xbox, just go put the kettle on and have a cuppa tea while you wait for the transfer, as it’ll take about 20-25 minutes overall. As I said before though, if it would take you hours to redownload that amount of data, the backup is going to feel pretty breezy by comparison.

Should I Buy One?

Well, if you just want a backup drive, any drive from the Seagate Firecuda external drive series will work fine, and some of them are actually cheaper while offering the same performance too. However, as a Star Wars fan, I’d happily pay that little bit extra for the collectable nature of it, it looks cool. Furthermore, these custom designs make them great gifts for gadget lovers too.

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