Seagate Step Into The World OF SSDs

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Seagate is one of the biggest names in the storage industry, in fact, they’re one of the biggest names in the computer industry too and it’s amazing that they’ve managed to keep out of the SSD race up until now, but it seems they’re finally playing their hand with the launch of three brand new products.

The new range of products are targeted right at the heart of the consumer and enterprise markets, so it seems were finally going to see the results of SeaGates hard work, something that was fairly inevitable given that they’ve been hiring SSD engineers in Colorado for some time now.

First up we have the Seagate 600 SSD, a mainstream 2.5″ device that will come with capacities up to and including 480GB and models as slim as 5mm thick. featuring SATA 6Gbps it should perform well too but Seagate will also launch a 600 Pro that offers up IOPS/watt and power consumption of just 2.8W and that is simply awesome if they can prove it in real world benchmarks.

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Moving up the performance range we have the Seagate 1200, a SAS 12Gbps that will be aimed at enterprise users, then we also have a PCIe card, the SeaGate X8 Accelerator that can offer capacities of up to 2.2TB and 1.1 million IOPS with SeaGate saying its more like DRAM than an SSD in terms of performance, but I bet it’s more like 100KG of pure diamond in price compared to anything in terms of storage.

There is no word on price as of yet, but SeaGate are promising performance that will blow their competition away and if they actually do deliver the fastest products around, they can pretty much charge what ever they like, lets just hope they show some restraint though.


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