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Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S

How Much Does it Cost?

Well, there is the kicker, it’s not cheap. It currently costs £219.99 on Amazon, which is a lot, but honestly for a drive of this capacity and performance, it’s not terrible. A Seagate FireCuda 520 offers similar high-end performance for PC users, and that’s £207. It’s a great investment if you plan to download everything and don’t want to compromise on performance.


Seagate is one of the biggest and most established names in the industry, so it makes sense that Microsoft would bring them onboard to help create the first storage drives for their latest console. Other brands will follow, but for now, it’s all about Seagate.

Double Up and Beyond

Storage is king for a lot of gamers, and having immediate access to your favourite games in your library is always welcome. Games pass is PACKED with amazing titles now, and with the addition of the EA games now, that collection is growing. Some games take north of 100GB too, so realistically, maybe a dozen games will max out the console, half that if you’re playing the latest AAA titles. The Seagate drive adds more than double the storage to the console and short of the most hardcore couch surfers, I think that’ll be plenty.


You can use most decent USB drives, external SSDs and HDDs too. However, even the best USB 3.0 drives will be slower than the Seagate drive. You’ll need one of these official drives to use things like quick resume too. If you attach a drive that’s too slow, the Xbox will warn you that your game won’t run from it. This is especially true of external HDDs and many existing SSDs, which can not run next-gen games. Look for newer drives which state they support Series S/X features clearly. Of course, with this Seagate drive, you’ve nothing to worry about, it’s got full support for it all.

Should I Buy One?

Well, it’s a bit of an obvious slap in the face, but if you want double the storage then… yes!? It’s not a cheap addition, so I would suggest it’s something you leave out of the basket at first. See how you get on with the console and your download limitations. If you find yourself hitting that storage limit quicker than expected, this is the best upgrade you can ask for. External drives may get the job done, but nothing out there will beat this drive.

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Peter Donnell

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