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Sealed Copy of Super Mario Bros Sells for $114,000

It’s hardly any secret that there are some people out there who take retro-gaming very seriously and have, in the past, spent a significant amount of money on games we’ve all probably owned (at some point) and have since thrown in the bin or traded it in for around $5 worth of in-store credit! Breaking all prior records, however, a sealed and boxed copy of Super Mario Bros for the NES has just sold at auction for $114,000!

Super Mario Bros Sells At Auction for $114K

Sold by Heritage Auctions (a Dallas-based specialist for such items), after receiving 29 bids, the sealed copy of Super Mario Bros was eventually purchased (by an anonymous bidder) for $114,000. This breaks the previous record (which was also for Super Mario Bros) by around $14,000.

So, why did this sell for so much? Well, beyond the fact that it was a boxed and sealed copy, it also came with a graded rating of 9.4/10. In other words, despite this being around 35 years ago, it was in practically perfect condition.

What Do We Think?

Sadly, while I did used to own a copy of this game back in the late ’80’s, I probably destroyed the box not long after getting it and, as for the cartridge, well… it’s probably either well hidden in my parents attic or has long been consigned to the dustbin. With this selling for so much, however, I am tempted to have a quick look just to A) See if I can find it and B) See what sort of condition it’s still in!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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