Security Firm Offering up $10,000 If You Can Hack A Tesla

/ 3 years ago


Think you’ve got what it takes to break the security on the Tesla Model S? Then why not give it a go, because if you can do it, there is a $10,000 prize up for grabs next week. Anyone who registers for SyScan conference in Beijing from 16-17th of July can enter the competition and the event organizers will have the Tesla Model S and computers on site to get the ball rolling.

The security experts who are running the competition are obviously hoping that no one can hack it, but even if they do it’ll only help them tighten up the cars security even further. They want to see if anyone can control features of the car remotely, take over the in-dash browser and more.

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Tesla have a full vulnerability disclosure program on their cars, meaning they’ll report any flaw with their cars in a bid to improve awareness and safety for their owners. Tesla aren’t even involved in the hacking project, but they are hoping that anyone who hacks the vehicle will pass on their findings to their developers.

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2 Responses to “Security Firm Offering up $10,000 If You Can Hack A Tesla”
  1. Wayne says:

    To hell with hacking into a car, I’d rather hack into Elon Musk’s bank balance.

  2. Alistair Hardy says:

    It’s good
    that car cyber security is being taken seriously.

    I watched a video the other day of a hacker doing a demo on a car.

    He literally had full control over the car, could initiate breaks, disable steering,
    tell it to steer, cut the engine, throttle up the engine, mess with the fuel
    mixture, turn the lights off (I’ve had a light bulb go on my motorbike while
    riding in the dark, I can tell you now, it is terrifying) and I could imagine
    he will be able to do so much more given the time…

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