Sega’s Online Pass Services Offline after Massive Hack

/ 7 years ago

Adding to the list of companies and organizations hacked lately, Sega’s Online Pass was recently fuskered late last thursday. A total of 1.29 million users data has been confirmed compromised, hustled off into the dark internets by the wicked web thieves themselves.

Sega can actually grab support from an unlikely source, Lulzsec those happy hackers who took down Sony and so many others. Lulzsec has stated that they “Love the Dreamcast” and would never take down Sega. Currently, Sega’s Pass service is fully offline until they can plug the leak, and have informed those compromised of the attack. I would advise anyone effected to change ALL their passwords and watch their bank statements closely.

This comes on the winds of the massive amount of hacks going around the webs as of late, with the merry “Lulz-lizards” Lulzsec boasting about taking down the CIA and other such websites, as well as ANY keyboard commando trying to prove their mettle on the high seas of internet security. The hacks are getting more and more intense and there does not seem to be any information in terms of an active search for those responsible. Weigh in on the comments section below, what do YOU think about all the attacks as of late?

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