Self-Driving Lyft May Hit The Streets Soon!

/ 2 years ago

Lyft's Autonomous Taxi

When it comes to cars, if you aren’t working on electric vehicles like the Tesla Model 3 your eyes are often turned towards the likes of autonomous cars. The ability to get into a car, tell it a destination and then enjoy your ride as the car deals with the driving and the dangers of the road as you head into work. While it may be a while before you get to enjoy owning your own self-driving car, you might soon be able to get a taxi as Lyft is looking at testing an autonomous taxi within the year.

Back in January General Motors gave Lyft $500 million to help fund research in the area of driverless taxis. New information shows that the Uber alternative taxi experience could be using Chevy Bolts to test the self-driving taxi service in a single city that’s yet to be determined. As a precaution when the service does go live a driver will still be required in the drivers seat, but “the driver is expected to eventually be obsolete”.

When the service starts, up users will be able to opt out of getting a self-driving taxi, so you don’t have to worry if you aren’t too keen on letting a car take control just yet.

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