Sengled Demo Latest Smart Lighting Hardware at CES 2017

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If you’ve been following our recent smart home technology reviews, you’ll have seen our lovely review of the Sengled Snap, a feature packed smart light/camera. Here at CES 2017, it looks like Sengled is eager to keep cramming a huge range of features into even more light fittings around your house, and we think that’s pretty awesome.

The Sengled Pulse Solo LED. Performs just like any other lightbulb, but it features a built-in speakers from JBL by HARMAN. Using Bluetooth connectivity, you can pair up your phone to the light to control it, play music and more!


They have a wide range of smart light fittings available for different home applications, such as the Twilight. This bulb stays lit for 15 seconds after you turn it off, giving you time to safely leave the room after turning it off. The Mood on the other hand, allows you to switch between 5000K and 2700K with a single click, perfect for work or relaxing on an evening.


Paint, their RGBW light and control offers up to 470 lumens and easy control over the colour scheme. With all these bulbs costing around 15-25 EUR we expect these to become quite popular very quickly.






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