Settlement Builder ‘Of Life and Land’ Launches Next Month

City builders are one of my favourite game genres, more so in the modern and sandbox sense than the survival and resource management sense. Despite that though I’ve found some enjoyment out of the likes of Banished, or Factory Town which are similar to this upcoming game from Team Kerzoven and Metaroot named Of Life and Land.

Of Life and Land

Of Life and Land is a charming settlement-building strategy game where you take the role of a leader who is tasked with establishing settlements in untamed regions. Your goal is to navigate through various seasons and climates whilst managing resources and interacting with a dynamically simulated ecosystem. As a leader you have to balance between human development and environmental preservation. One of the challenge of the game is not just managing your settlement, but several settlements at once each with their own differing characteristics and demands.

All of this comes within a pleasant low-poly art style which makes the game easier to run on lower end systems, plus I’ve personally found the low-poly art style makes game mechanics a bit easier to understand, there’s some psychology in that which I’m not qualified to answer.

The game comes out into early access on April 2nd on Steam, if you would like to learn more visit the games website.


  • 11 Supported languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish – Spain, Portuguese – Brazil, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Polish
  • Unique deep simulation of the nature in a building strategy game with complex interdependence between humans and nature.
  • Manage simultaneously the acquisition, refining and distribution of resources on multiple maps in different climatic conditions.
  • Manage the needs of the citizens. They are “alive” and have a specific home, workplace, and unique needs.
  • Animals are looking for food, get thirsty, sleepy, and form social groups to find their place in nature.
  • Plants grow and are affected by the actions of the humans, animals, and their environment.
  • Seasons and climate affect the gameplay, as certain plants grow only under certain conditions. Temperature affects humans, animals, plants, and the environment.
  • Interact and trade with other factions that produce goods with the same rules as you do.
  • Create own maps and scenarios in the editor and extend them using mods.
  • Charming and calm low poly art style.

About Team Kerzoven

Of Life and Land was a solo project for a long time until Marco Burri made some friends on the way. Marco started developing games over ten years ago besides his career as an automation technician and later software engineer. One of his most famous games is Legend of Ahssûn, where he was working in the core team as a generalist and is still supporting the project today.

Jakob Aylesbury

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