Sharkoon @ Computex 2023

Sharkoon is well known for its more affordable take on the PC market, but what few people don’t realise is that their product quality matches that of products that cost significantly more than their retail price suggests. How does Sharkoon achieve this? I have literally no idea, but taking a look at their booth at Computex 2023, their low prices and high-quality lives on.

First up we have the VS9 RGB chassis, an ATX mid-tower that ticks all the right boxes, such as Type-C, tempered glass, three pre-installed fans, large GPU support, a PSU shroud and mesh airflow.

The VS8 RGB offers pretty much the same, bit with a more unique-looking front panel aesthetic.

For something a little smaller, the mATX MS-Z1000 and Y1000 are both pretty much the same, but each has a unique front panel design. They all come in black or white, have tempered glass and despite the size, they can handle up to a 270mm GPU, but up to 360mm with fans removed.

I do love the mesh intake on the side though, allowing larger and more powerful GPUs to get more airflow and/or remove more heat from the case.

Y or Z, they both look great, for me, the Y in white is the best looking, but of course, that’s subjective.

If airflow is important to you (and it obviously should be), then the Rebel C50 offers up a tidy-looking full mesh front panel design, with room for ATX motherboards, and again, just ticking all the usual boxes for a modern gaming mid-tower; glass, Type-C, shrouds, etc.

One nice addition is the rotatable PCIe bracket, allowing you to show off your GPU, and there’s a good amount of space up top for additional cooling too.

It’s full mesh down the right side too, ensuring you can easily get heat away from your hardware.

But as you can see, tempered glass down the left side of this version.

But a full mesh option is available, should you desire it.

Finally, there’s a multi-port RGB and fan hub built-in too, which should help with cable routing.

Plus, like the other case, I think it looks even better in white!

They’re taking their keyboard game to the next level too, with prices of around half that of the competition, these are around $60 despite being able to completely dissemble and built it up again however you like,

There are multi-layer removable/installable gaskets.

So you can customise the sound and feel of it to your taste.

They’re all plug-and-play hot-swappable too.

There are plenty of versions available too.

However, even their sleeved cables, which look and feel absolutely amazing, come with the breakaway connector, Type-C and a drum to hold the coil on, are… TWENTY BUCKS… disruptive is the only way I can describe these keyboards, I can’t wait to get one in the office.

I don’t usually care for mouse mats, but damn, these new ones are vibrant!

And of course, they have matching keyboards, cables and everything for each design too.

So if you haven’t heard of Sharkoon before, try and tell me they don’t have your attention now.

I really can’t decide which one I like the best.

Retro shape with a modern twist on these lovely keycaps.

Or something a little more gamer/streamer friendly with RGB thrown in.

Honestly, we were blown away by these, so we’ll be working closely with Sharkoon to bring you more on these products throughout the year.

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