Sharkoon Launches its Skiller SFM11 Gaming Chair Mats

Sharkoon has announced the launch of its new Skiller SFM11 gaming mats. With the SKILLER SFM11, Sharkoon now presents a hard-wearing floor-protection mat in four different motif designs. With a diameter of 120 centimetres, it offers a wide range of movement, which is particularly advantageous in hectic game situations. The underside is made of non-slip silicone, which means that the mat should always hold its ground, even during the most forceful movements from above. The thickness of five millimetres protects any surface from scratches caused by chair casters and effectively muffles noises. In addition, the polyester surface allows the mat to be easily cleaned.

Sharkoon Skiller SFM11 Gaming Mats

With the SFM11, there is a choice between four different motifs. The “Gaming Area” design imitates the surfing style of the 1960s in light pastel colours. The “Hex” design represents a hyper-realistic 3D depth effect. The “Retro” design adorns a city skyline with the style of the 1980s. And for the “Cubes” design, the name “Sharkoon” forms a cube in three rich colours.

The five-millimetre material thickness enables effective dampening of noise from moving chairs. The silicone underside keeps the mat firmly in place, and, thanks to the thick, multiple stitching as well as the heat transfer printing, this floor protection mat has been made to be long-lasting.

Price & Availability

Sharkoon has confirmed that the SKILLER SFM11 gaming mats are available to purchase now at the manufacturer’s suggested price of €34.99. Therefore, if you do want to learn more, you can check out the official product website via the link here!

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Mike Sanders

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