Sharkoon Presents the Shark Zone K30 Illuminated Keyboard

/ 3 years ago


Sharkoon is probably most known for their cases and drive enclosures, but it is one of those companies that make a little bit of everything. Keyboards are also included in the mixture and Sharkoon just presented the latest in that series.

The new Sharkoon Shark Zone K30 Illuminated Gaming keyboard comes in a typical 3-block layout with a typical Sharkoon design. The label gaming might be a bit over the top with what most gamers demand, but it still sports some great features that can come in useful in many other places.


The illumination helps you to see the keys even in low-light environments and when working late. The programmable macro keys can be used for a multitude of things and it can store five profiles for those.

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The function keys double as media keys and the keyboard has multi-key rollover support as well as a polling rate of 1000 Hz. To finish it all off, the Shark Zone K30 connects through a gold-plated USB plug.


Best of all, it won’t cost you hundreds of bucks like a lot of high-end gaming keyboards do. The Shark Zone K30 Illuminated Gaming Keyboard will be available at the end of June for a suggested retail price of just €29.99 euros.

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One Response to “Sharkoon Presents the Shark Zone K30 Illuminated Keyboard”
  1. StarBreaker22 says:

    I like the design of the keyboard but I would like to know if it has different lighting colours and why didn’t they put the same impressions that are on the direction keys on the WASD keys.

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