Sharkoon Unveils New B2 & RUSH ER40 Gaming Headsets

Sharkoon has expanded its range of audio products with two headsets, each with a different focus: The eye-catching RUSH ER40 USB headset with its 3D-effect RGB illumination is aimed at style-conscious gamers, while the B2, in subtle black, cuts a fine figure with its modular cables and detachable microphone. These allow the B2 to be used as pure headphones whether for home or for travel. When it comes to sound and comfort, both headsets are equipped with powerful 50-millimeter drivers and breathable fabric ear pads.

Fully Designed for Gaming: Sharkoon RUSH ER40

Visually and technically, the ER40 comes fully in line with the rest of the popular RUSH series and is therefore especially designed for gaming. In addition to an uncomplicated and rounded design, Sharkoon is using, for the first time, an RGB illumination that has a seemingly spatial and thus striking effect, and which can be operated in two different modes. An adjustable headband and movable ear cups are designed to be comfortable to wear even after extensive gaming sessions. The headset is installed with 50-millimeter drivers, which should deliver the accustomed, punchy audio which is required for immersive gaming sessions. The connection via a 240-centimeter long USB cable ensures ample freedom of movement.

Stylish and High-Performance: B2

As the successor to the B1 headset, the B2 also relies on a stylish design all in black. Due to the detachable microphone, the B2 can also be used as headphones without any hassle. And thanks to a cable with an ideal length of 110 centimeters and TRRS plug, it can even be conveniently used on mobile devices. Further connection options with USB and audio plugs are offered by modular cable segments with a total length of 250 centimeters. According to the manufacturer, the soft fabric surface of the breathable ear pads is especially designed for long periods of comfortable wearing. In addition, the movable ear cups and the headband, which is bound in synthetic leather, adapt to the shape of the head. 50-millimeter drivers are also used for the B2 to provide the appropriate audio. If the B2 is operated via USB, the inline controller will provide a hardware equalizer with three modes as well as the usual adjustments such as microphone mute and volume control.

Sharkoon Audio Center

The audio for both the RUSH ER40 and the B2 can be customized using the downloadable Sharkoon Audio Center. In addition to general settings for the headset audio or for the microphone, profiles can be created, and various effects can be selected and added. Particular attention can be paid to the virtual 7.1 surround sound and to the 10-band equalizer, with which users can make all the settings for their personal audio preferences.

Price and Availability

The Sharkoon RUSH ER40 is now available at the manufacturer’s suggested price of €31.90. The B2 is also now available with a suggested price of €49.90. – If you do, therefore, want to learn more about these new gaming headset designs, you can check out the official product website via the link here!

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Mike Sanders

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