Sharp Introduce PN-K322B Touchscreen 4K 31.5 inch Monitor

/ 4 years ago


Consumer 4K monitors are pretty rare right now and so far we’ve only seen the PQ321 31.5 inch 4K monitor from ASUS. Everything else that has been a 4K display is targeted at the TV market which means 30Hz operation only. Today Sharp have added to the consumer 4K monitor offering with their PN-K322B. This 4K monitor is quite unique in that it also offers touch screen functionality.

The specifications of the display are 4K-standard – 3840 by 2160 resolution with a 31.5 inch display size just like the ASUS monitor. The monitor is LED backlit while the touch interface uses 10 point touch. The profile is just over an inch thick at 36mm. The viewing angles are apparently capable of being viewed vertically but there is no specific mention of IPS. The outputs included are DisplayPort and HDMI and content is delivered by a single cable. Availability is from this autumn in the USA but there are no mentions of non-U.S availability or even pricing.

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We will bring you more details as the product comes closer to launch.

Image courtesy of Sharp

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