Sharp’s “Chop-Sync” Wants To Make A Tablet Your Chopping Board Kitchen Assistant

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Engadget report that Sharp is trialling a prototype tablet-cum-chopping board device. When you think of a chopping board a tablet is hardly the first thing that comes to mind but Sharp want to change that. They’ve developed a scratch proof and water proof tablet sunk into the frame of a chopping board to act as your kitchen assistant. Not only does it act as a chopping board but it also has a recipe manager, a scale and a visualiser to help you measure out healthy serving sizes of foods.

The “Chop-Sync” invention is that of Siobhán Andrews, the winner of a competition to become a paid intern withSharp in the UK. Chop-Sync is currently only in prototype but it could be brought to market of Sharp sees enough interest in it. I’m not sure show about the usefulness of it but top marks for trying to find something new to do with tablets! It is also worth noting that Sony tried to do something similar with its Xperia Tablet Z Kitchen Edition last month, read more about that here. It looks like tablet companies are going cooking crazy, how long before it is real life Fruit Ninja?

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