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/ 5 years ago

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I recently had the chance to spend some time with the upcoming title StootMania Storm, a game that is part of the Mania Planet series from the developers behind the extremely popular multiplay and profesional gaming title Track Mania, as well as many of its follow up titles, Tract Mania 2 Canyon, not forgetting their other work in progress Quest Mania.

The games were developed by French studio Nadeo, which aside from the Mania games was the developer of Virtual Skipper, making their mania titles somewhat of a departure from their usual work, but regardless of where they came from in development terms, there is no doubt that the Track Mania series has been an absolute sensation, with millions of players around the world looking for a back to basics, but by no means simple racer, that has been ever popular on the competitve gaming scene for years, doing well enough to get the attention of Ubisoft who bought up the company back in 2009.

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The success of their arcade style racing got them a lot of attention and the game is still popular today, something which they clearly aim to repeat with their latest title Shoot Mania, by going straight for the money and aiming the game almost exclusively at the competitive gaming scene by putting it straight in the hands of pro-gaming teams world wide for various competitions, lan-tournaments not to mention putting up some sizeable prize funds to get the ball rolling.

But the pro-gaming scene is a little different from the casual multi-player market, which is well catered for with titles like Battlefield 3, Halo, Call of Duty, but then again you don’t need me to tell you there are a fair few multiplayer shooters available on the market. Pro-gaming loves high skill shooters, with balanced weapons, maps, teams and more, so can Shoot Mania provide the pro-gaming scene with the challenge it so much demands?

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  1. chron ister says:

    Why did you fail to mention the in-game level editor that made Trackmania the giant it is and is the hallmark of all the Nadeo -mania properties? Seems like important information to include, given the community at which this title is aimed.

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