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SilentiumPC Fortis 3 EVO ARGB Cooler Review

Exterior Packaging

While the packaging does initially look rather simplistic, SilentiumPC has used it in an incredibly effective way. Starting with the front, while it is light on the details, you have given a huge image of the cooler in action so, without the need for words, you know exactly what you’re getting here at one very quick glance!

While the rear and sides of the packaging are a little more restrained in terms of razzmatazz, you are given all of the key specifications, features, as well as the cooler dimensions. Put simply, you are told everything you could possibly want to know about this cooler in a clear and concise manner! It might sound like a very minor point, but in terms of their box work, SilentiumPC is one of the honestly few brands that get it right!


SilentiumPC provides you with everything you need out of the box to ensure you should have no problem installing this cooler to your system. Providing you with a SATA cable, for power hook-up to the ARGB lighting, you are also given a pretty generous amount of thermal paste that should have you well set for at least a couple of applications (if necessary).

The only mildly concerning factor is the inclusion of a wrench. This is worrying as often we only see these included in pretty complex (or awkward) installation methods. In that regard, however, we’ll go into more details about that later in the review.

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Mike Sanders

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