SilentiumPC Navis F240 AIO Liquid Cooler Review

How Much Does it Cost?

The SilentiumPC Navis F240 is available to purchase now with consumers looking at a price in the region of £74.99. – Its ARGB alternative is also available for just slightly more at £84.98 (a very fair price considering the only real difference between the two models is lighting effects on the cooling fans).

When comparing this against other 240mm AIO cooling options, the Navis F240 seems to represent an excellent deal. Not only does it manage to outperform a lot of its competition, but it also carries the pretty huge bonus of being notably less expensive too!


The only real criticism you can level at the SilentiumPC Navis F240 is that it doesn’t really do much to stand out from the pack. And yes, this even includes the ARGB variant which, while clearly catering to a more lighting-orientated customer, still doesn’t really do much above and beyond what most of its competition offers in terms of visuals and aesthetics.

If you can get beyond that point though, then the SilentiumPC Navis F240 definitely represents an excellent cooling option. Not only does it offer full compatibility for AMD and Intel sockets (including Intel’s LGA 1700 for Alder Lake and the upcoming Raptor Lake), but it also does an excellent job of keeping the CPU cool while not making much of an audible fuss about it. While its somewhat bland aesthetics might put some off, for others this will be an ideal solution offering a sleek and stylish look that wouldn’t look out of place in any system build.

Should I Buy One?

The SilentiumPC Navis F240, in a nutshell, is excellent. It offers strong cooling performance with low levels of noise that are no more audible than the vast majority of other 2-fan products. – While the aesthetics might be a little too basic for some people’s tastes, the price tag comes along to easily solve that problem. This is, just about, one of the best budget AIO liquid cooling solutions around. And I use the word ‘budget’ somewhat grudgingly as I don’t want you to confuse that with cheap. This is not a cheap AIO. A factor easily indicated in its excellent performance figures.

Admittedly, SilentiumPC doesn’t have the ‘big name’ attraction of a lot of its competition, if this pings on your radar though, I can promise you that, at the very least, it offers a solidly comparable level of performance (and in some cases better) while coming at a price point that easily makes this an absolute bargain for what you get!


  • Excellent levels of CPU temperature control
  • Entirely viable for certain mild to moderate overclocking efforts
  • Sleek aesthetics that wouldn’t look out of place in any system build
  • Even under high workloads, it’s not noisy!
  • Better performance at a lower price than many (if not most) of its competing products
  • ARGB alternative is available (for not much more money)
  • Fans come pre-assembled to the radiator. This is basically ready to install right out of the box! – A huge timer saver that I don’t recall (off the top of my head) seeing in any other AIO product before


  • It might just be our sample, but we definitely saw some admittedly very minor concerns over the overall QA process


  • Not an installation mounting methodology I’m particularly fond of – It works fine, but it ultimately feels like an attempt to make every aspect easier that just ended up making every aspect a bit more annoying. Systems like this can just get very frustrating/fiddly when installing within a case and particularly so with the slightly shorter than average hose length
SilentiumPC Navis 240 AIO Liquid Cooler

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Mike Sanders

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