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SilverStone Announces ECP01 Dual Output Power Adapter Card

SilverStone is one of those companies that has a knack for creating useful devices that we previously weren’t aware that we need. The brand new ECP01 dual-output power adapter card is another of such solutions. The ECP01, in its simplicity, offers a 12V DC and a 5V 3A USB charging port to your system.

The new SilverStone ECP01 allows you to convert an internal peripheral 4-pin female connector x 1 (12V/5V) or an SATA 15-pin female connector x 1 (12V/5V) from your PSU and use those currents externally. The USB port can deliver up to 3A and it is fully compliant with the USB battery charging specification 1.2 and it also offers an intelligent over current protection system. That’s on top of the already stable power your PSU delivers in comparison to small USB chargers. While your motherboard might have a port for this already, with this add-in card you don’t need to occupy a valuable USB connection with a charging task.

The 12DC jack can deliver up to 5A and that should be plenty to run a lot of various devices. The first thing that comes to mind for me, would be to run my Logitech G27 Racing Wheel directly via this card. It would allow me to save a lot of cables and the extra power brick for the racing wheel.

SilverStone bundles the add-in card with a DC to DC cable with 1.2m length and a DC dim 2.5mm to
DC dim 2.1mm power plug adapter. It’s a cheap upgrade too as the small add-in card only costs £11.31 on Amazon.

Feature Highlights

  • Dual output 12V DC jack up to 5A and 5V USB Type-A port up to 3A
  • USB port compliant with USB battery charging specification 1.2
  • Intelligent over-current protect system
  • Includes DC to DC cable with 1.2m length, DC dim 2.5mm to DC dim 2.1mm Power Plug Adapter
  • Includes optional low profile bracket for supporting low profile cases
Bohs Hansen

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