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SilverStone DS222 External Dual-Bay RAID Enclosure Review

Test Procedure & Setup

I will be using two of my Western Digital WD RED 1TB 2.5-inch hard disk drives to test the SilverStone DS222 RAID enclosure. The testing in itself is pretty straightforward and there isn’t that much to say about it. I will be testing the enclosure in each available RAID mode and with a wide a variety of applications to gather tests results from as many areas as possible.

Test system:

Test Drives:

Software used:

  • AIDA64 Storage Benchmark
  • Anvil’s Storage Utilities
  • AS SSD Benchmark
  • ATTO Benchmark
  • CrystalDiskMark

I will be creating each possible RAID array through the hardware settings and give it time to initialize itself before running the actual benchmarks. While it isn’t actually needed to wait, we want as accurate results as possible here. I will be running a series of benchmarks with the software mentioned above on each array before destroying it and moving on to the next.

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Bohs Hansen

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