Silverstone Grandia GD10 HTPC Chassis To Launch This Month

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Silverstone are back once again with their ever-popular Silverstone Grandia series GD10 HTPC style chassis. The latest revision takes the series to new heights and given that the previous models are some of the most popular HTPC chassis on the market, we’re very happy to see Silverstone still improving and supporting the range.

The chassis is compact enough to fit into your AV system, but still capable of housing high-end ATX motherboards such as the RoG series from Asus. There are flexible hard drive bays to allow you to adapt the configuration to your needs, extensive dust filtering to help keep everything running smoothly and even a locking front panel to stop people tinkering with it.

“The Grandia GD10, along with GD09, is a culmination of SilverStone’s decade-long experience in HTPC case design and manufacturing into a product that every PC enthusiast can enjoy.” said Silverstone in a recent press release. “With the addition of a lockable front door, the GD10 offers an attractively sized case that is capable and user-friendly for those interested in building a system with extra security and application that exceeds typical PC or HTPC environments.” they added.

Special Features:

  • Lockable front door ensures security of system and drives
  • Positive air pressure design for excellent cooling/quietness and dust-prevention
  • Support expansion cards up to 12.2 inches
  • Support ATX motherboards
  • Quick access filters included
  • Incredible 362mm depth to fit comfortably inside home theater cabinet
  • Drive cages with multi-purpose mounts eliminate need for adapters
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The chassis will be available from August 18th at all major computer retailers with a recommended end user price of 105,9 USD excl. VAT.

Thank you Silverstone for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Silverstone.

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