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SilverStone Launches Raven RVZ03 with Addressable RGB

New ARGB Variant of the SilverStone RVZ03

SilverStone launched the RVZ03 SFF case with RGB LED during the summer of 2017. Now they are following it up with a version sporting digital addressable RGB LEDs. It is the same chassis as the RVZ03, which has a refined interior supporting ATX PSUs.

It is also possible to use it in either vertical or horizontal orientation. Furthermore, it can be placed comfortably in any space-constrained environment that requires a powerful PC. Even as a gaming HTPC with a full-size video card (up to 330mm) since a PCIe riser card is included.

As usual the RVZ03-ARGB is available in either black or white variant (RVZ03-ARGBW). It still supports mini-ITX motherboards and measures 382mm (W) x 105mm (H) x 350mm (D) with an 18L capacity.

The cooling system uses a 120mm fan at the top, and a 120mm fan at the bottom. Both can operate up to 1500RPM while only generating 18dBA. An additional 120mm fan mounting slot is available at the bottom as well.

What is the Difference Between RGB and ARGB LEDs?

The inclusion of addressable RGB LED lighting adds an extra flair. Unlike analog RGB LEDs, digital RGB LEDs can have a different colour per LED light. So on a continuous strip of LEDs, users can indicate a separate colour for each light. Meanwhile, analog RGB LEDs can only have the same colour for the whole strip or row of LEDs at the same time.

The pin connectors are also different. The regular analog RGB LED uses a 4-pin connector (12V, G,R,B) while digital RGB LEDs use a 3-pin connector (5V, Data, GND).

How Much is the RVZ03-ARGB Case?

The RVZ03-ARGB is not yet listed and SilverStone did not reveal pricing yet. Although the RVZ03 with a non-addressable RGB LED is currently available for $100~110 USD. So expect the pricing to be slightly above that once it becomes available.

Ron Perillo

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