SilverStone makes it easier with Internal Enclosure for Hot-Swapping HDDs

/ 7 years ago

Now anybody knows that when you have a poorly designed or old case, changing HDD can really become a problem. Good news, the guys at SilverStone have announced the FP57.

This really handy tool only needs a 5.25” bay, power and SATA connection, you’re free to do anything you want as long as it has these three. The convenience is that there is no limitation to how many you can have, as long as it what it needs, you can stack them together in your case to allow an easier HDD swapping time.

Another great feature is when they are stacked together, you can attach a fan to the rear to cool your HDD (120mm). SilverStone has found a solution!

This useful piece of hardware can be acquired starting the 16th of August at a price of 19€.


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