SilverStone Redline Series RL05 Mid-Tower Chassis Review

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Silverstone Redline Series RL-05 Mid-Tower Chassis Review

SilverStone has a long history of high-end and occasionally crazy chassis designs, but in recent years, they have also been working hard to make their chassis more affordable and available to a wider audience, while also integrating many of the features that made their high-end and crazy products so popular to begin with. The new RL-05 looks set to be a perfect example of this, with its extreme looks, high functionality, and exceptional value for money.

“The Redline series RL05 was created with the goal of exceeding user experience and expectation for affordable PC chassis by offering punchy styling and features reserved often for more expensive models. RL05 includes two 140mm LED fans as intakes to inject large amount of air flow through filter for SilverStone’s signature positive pressure setup that not only provides great cooling but also minimal dust buildup.” – SilverStone

With room for large graphics cards, ATX motherboards, and an ATX PSU, the RL05 has all the basics, but you’ll also find USB 3.0 Type-C support, two pre-installed 140mm fans, a PSU shroud, dust filters, and more. So let’s stop picking through the bullet points and get the RL05 out of the box!

  • Includes front mounted USB 3.0 Type-C port
  • Includes two 140mm LED fans designed to generate positive pressure
  • Super clean internal look with PSU and drive bay cover
  • Quick access filters for easy cleaning
  • Motherboard back plate opening for quick CPU cooler assembly
  • All black painted interior for stylish look
  • Supports graphics cards up to 14.7″
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