SilverStone Strider Platinum ST55F-PT 550W Power Supply Review

/ 2 years ago

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A Closer Look – Exterior

The first thing we see after unboxing the PSU is a big warning sticker. This lets you know that if the fan isn’t spinning, it’s perfectly normal, as any loads under 20% allow the PSU to run passively, making it completely silent.


The 120mm fan has lots of ventilation on the top of the PSU, with a good quality metal fan guard over the top. While you really shouldn’t take your PSU apart, I do like this design as it does make it a lot easier to clean and maintain the fan.


On the bottom of the power supply, there’s a stamped in Silverstone logo, which will look nice if you have the PSU mounted fan down, as it adds some flair without being overly distracting.DSC_6255

Down the side of the PSU, you’ll find the main specification sticker. As you can see, we’ve got a powerful +12V rail, which can pull 45.9A @ 550W, more than enough to power any of today’s enthusiast grade GPUs.

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Not much down the other side, just a few QC stickers. Around the back, a master power switch, lots of ventilation and the mains power socket.


There’s a good range of fully modular connectors on offer, with two PCI connectors, four peripheral connectors, the motherboard 4+4, the 24-pin and then one extra, a 4-pin. That 4-pin is actually a sensor connector, a 4-pin cable feeds back from the 24-pin motherboard end, allowing the PSU to double-check it’s delivering stable voltages; very clever!



All of the included cables are flat, including the 24-pin, so cable management should be nice and easy, as they’ll fit nicely behind your motherboard and around your components.


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