Silverstone Unveils Tundra Lite Series Closed Loop Liquid CPU Coolers

/ 2 years ago

Silverstone Tundra Lite

Silverstone has launched its latest update to the Tundra all-in-one liquid cooling series. The Tundra Lite or TD-Lite comes in two variants, a compact 120mm model and dual fan, 240mm version. Both units feature a 0.2mm micro-channel water block design which allows for enhanced heat dissipation. This is accompanied by a large 100% copper base which features an attractive blue LED indicator. The tubing is constructed from rubber and has a thick diameter to improve reliability and add flexibility. As you might expect the radiator is aluminium based and not copper to reduce production costs.

Silverstone Tundra Lite 2

Each product is fully compatible with pretty much every socket on the planet including LGA775, 115x, 1366, 2011, 2011-v3, AMD2, AMD3, FM1 and FM2. The bundled fans look remarkably similar to the highly regarded FQ121 but operate an RPM of 1500-2500. In terms of specifications, the fans are powered by a 4 pin PWM, hit a peak airflow of 92.5CFM whilst maintaining an acoustical noise of 18-35 dBA. When it comes to static pressure, the fans are capable of 3.5mm/H20. From the press release, it’s difficult to say what the exact fan structure is but it looks like a Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) SKU. Silverstone Tundra Lite 3

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Silverstone have assured me that the TD02-Lite and TD03-Lite will be in stock on the 13th July. The recommend end-user price which is subject to change and retailer margins is $64.50 and $83.44 excluding VAT. Notice term used there is VAT and not tax which is rather strange. VAT should apply to the UK region and perhaps it was a miscommunication in the press release and simply meant sales tax. Nevertheless, I’m surprised Silverstone has launched another water cooling revision considering the TD02-E and TD03-E are still relatively new. Perhaps the Lite refers to a new budget line and designed to take on the Rajintek Triton and other coolers around the £70 price point.

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