Silverstones New 600w Gold SFX Form Factor PSU Revealed At CeBIT 2014

/ 4 years ago


We’re back at the Silverstone booth at CeBIT 2014 for a look at the last product from their display, and naturally we’ve saved their best product for last. The New Silverstone SFX power supply is a real game changer, offering up a whopping 600W of power with an 80 Plus Gold rating and a fully modular design. It feature flat cables that make it extremely easy to work with in small form factor builds and it is also the perfect companion for the smash hit, the RVZ01 Raven series chassis, a popular choice for those looking to build SteamBox style systems.

While 600W may not sound like a lot compared to it’s full ATX PSU counterparts, it’s a new benchmark for SFX. 600W is more than enough to power a heavily overclocked CPU and any of today’s high end graphics cards such as the Titan or R9 290X, making this a big win for those looking to build a compact gaming build.

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The 80 Plus Gold power rating means that with great power comes great efficiency, something that will no doubt please your wallet in the long run as you can bet this tiny-beast of a PSU is a snip under £100.

The SST-SX600-G isn’t available just yet, but will be launched very soon, so if you’re saving up for an SFX compatible SFF gaming chassis, then this really should be at the top of your list for components, especially if you’re wanting to build a high-performance system.

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