Latest Sims 4 Update Bug Hugely Speeds Up The Aging Process!

Despite the fact that The Sims 4 is seven years old now, it still regularly receives fresh DLC and generic patches and updates. Yes, it might be quite old in generic gaming terms, but The Sims 4 is one of those titles that seems to constantly be in a state of relative evolution. – Following the latest update to the title, however, a growing number of user reports all seem to be suggesting that an unusual and deadly glitch has appeared.

Put simply, the Grim Reaper seems to be making a lot more calls than usual!

Beware of the Latest Sims 4 Update

So, what’s exactly happening here? Well, in a nutshell, death is always an inevitable part of a Sims life. Admittedly, for me, it’s mostly when I’ve got bored of the game and trap my virtual family in a room full of highly flammable material. – In terms of generic ageing, however, following a report via Eurogamer it seems that the latest update to The Sims 4 has somewhat sped up the process of Father Time.

Yes, in a sentence, Sims seem to be both growing up and dying a lot faster than usual. – One user on Twitter said that during a wedding they’d spent ages planning, half the guests had died before the ceremony had concluded! Another said that their newly born in-game baby was already an angsty teenager within circa 15-20 minutes!

In generic terms, it seems your Sims may have, at best, about 1-2 hours total of human time to go through the full process of getting hatched and then dispatched!

EA Confirms A Potential Problem

EA has officially acknowledged the issue, and, as such, players can likely expect a hotfix to drop within the next couple of days. For those of you who enjoy playing The Sims 4, however, the best advice at the moment seems to be to avoid installing the latest updated version. Well, not unless you want to fast-track your family from the cradle to the grave.

Alternatively, if you already have the last update installed, well, you better go forth and multiply because, if you’re not quick, your home is going to be empty very quickly!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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