The Single Charger For Everything – The Zolt

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CES brings a number of big product introductions, but it also brings a pile of little gadgety items like this – the Zolt wall charger. The Zolt promises to let you charge your laptop and two to three other USB-based devices at the same time.


The tiny three-inch long charger outputs 70 watts of power – around double that of the average laptop charger, giving you more power for those extra devices. It comes with a variety of adapters to fit a range of laptops from multiple manufacturers including Asus, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, and Toshiba. An adapter for the MagSafe connector on MacBooks will be available once the charger is on sale.

While the US version looks small and compact, one wonders whether the UK version (if there will be one) will be anywhere near as elegant thanks to the clumsy four pronged plugs. Pre-orders start now at $80 and it’ll be $100 once available.

Source: Gizmodo

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3 Responses to “The Single Charger For Everything – The Zolt”
  1. Jordan Kytyn Benns says:

    Is three pins on UK plugs, and the third pin unlocks the two powered sockets so your kids can’t stick a pair of scissors into them, might not look as efficient but it does the trick. Would be pretty cool to get a UK release.

    • Sgt. Pinback says:

      Well it’s really the earth pin. It’s there to ground the device so the enclosure/chassis etc doesn’t become live and throw you across the room or kill you. Us crazy Brits and our clumsy safe plugs eh!

  2. BilboD says:

    A three pin setup should be no larger is they use the fold out pin idea,
    just have the earth pin fold out the opposite way. UK sockets are
    designed to earth devices for consumer safety, without having litigation
    to force manufacturers to think safe.

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