Single Slot HD 7730 Spotted

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According to a story run by MyDrivers we can expect to start seeing single slot HD 7730 graphics from AMD. AMD’s HD 7730 is still relatively new and obscure so if you want more details about it then be sure to check out all our coverage of it here. The single slot version is a very important development because it allows for the HD 7730 to be very friendly to small systems and compact cases.

The HD 7730 is intentionally constrained in performance to make it about 20% slower than a HD 7750. That said it is mainly designed to be a generational improvement over the HD 6670 and it offers a 10% increase over that. This single slot variant runs the default 800MHz with 1GB of GDDR5 running at 4500MHz effective. It is equipped with DVI, HDMI and mini Display Port interfaces compared to the “normal” HD 7730 which uses VGA, DVI and HDMI.

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This single slot HD 7730 is currently retailing at 8000 Japanese Yen which translates to £55/$80/€62 at current exchange rates. This makes it one of the cheapest entry level solutions on the market, replacing the HD 6670 which currently retails at about £45. The GT 630 has a similar price of around £55.

Image courtesy of MyDrivers

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