SK Hynix to Begin GDDR7 Memory Mass Production in Q1 2025

SK Hynix has announced that the mass production of its next-generation GDDR7 graphics memory will commence in the first quarter of 2025. The delay was confirmed during Computex 2024, where the company showcased its engineering samples of the new memory technology.

SK Hynix’s competitors, Samsung and Micron, aim to start their GDDR7 production in late 2024. Despite being a few months behind, SK Hynix is optimistic about its position. The company showcased its GDDR7 chips, which will be available in 16Gb and 24Gb densities, targeting data transfer rates of 40 Gbps. This speed surpasses the 32 Gbps rates that Samsung and Micron plan to offer initially.

Importance of GDDR7

The GDDR7 standard, established by JEDEC, is critical for next-generation GPUs and AI accelerators. It promises higher bandwidth and capacities compared to its predecessors, GDDR6 and GDDR6X. The transition to GDDR7 is essential for meeting the increasing demands of high-performance computing and data-intensive applications.

Although starting production later than its rivals, SK Hynix believes that having engineering samples available now validates its design. This allows partners to begin testing and qualification processes. The delay in mass production also provides SK Hynix with additional time to refine its manufacturing processes and address any potential issues, ensuring high-quality output when full-scale production begins.


SK Hynix’s strategy includes leveraging its existing technology and expertise to ensure that its GDDR7 products meet the high-performance requirements of next-generation computing systems. The company’s focus on developing 16Gb and 24Gb densities demonstrates its commitment to providing scalable solutions that can accommodate various application needs.

The delayed production timeline may initially seem disadvantageous. However, it could offer SK Hynix an opportunity to deliver superior performance and quality, ultimately securing a strong position in the competitive GDDR7 market.

Solomon Thompson

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