Skillrex mixes Zelda-Like Flash game with Dubstep: Skillrex Quest

/ 5 years ago

The famous dubstep DJ Skillrex now has a game named after him called Skillrex Quest , a free 8-Bit styled flash game with a sword-wielding hero and dubstep background music.

The game is more or less the browser version of Zelda. The game is pretty decent for a flash game. The story starts with a golden NES cartridge and everything goes into chaos because of speck of dust, corrupting the game world. You as usual the hero need to fix the glitches by slaying the dust with your sword while listening to skillrex’s music.

Simple enough story line for a flash game.
Well, it looks like a good way to promote one’s music by putting some of his music on a free flash game with his or her name on it to try to bring more people in to listen to his music. Still, the game is pretty fun to play all things considered.

The game is design by a design firm “Joda”.

Source: Destructoid

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