Skoda Unveil vRS Mega Man-Pram, Features 20″ Alloy Wheels & Hydraulic Suspension

/ 4 years ago


OK so this isn’t computer hardware news, something we know you love from us here at eTeknix, but every now and then a technology story comes along that we just can’t help but share with the world. Car manufacturer Skoda have unveiled their epic man-pram, a buggy that will make pushing your child around about as manly as is humanly possible.


The new one-off model was used for their recent TV advert, but it is very much a real thing. It features 20-inch alloy wheels that are fitted with high performance all terrain tires, a sports seat, hydraulic suspension, head lights, brake lights and high spec brakes! In short, it’s better equipped than most peoples real cars.

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The vRS Mega Man-Pram as it is known was trotted around London’s Hyde Park, where it can be seen towering above other prams due to its two metre high design. It’s absolutely impractical and would no doubt prove quite a workout in any uphill sections, but it’s still pretty hilarious and awesome, certainly a PR stunt done right.


Would you push your kid around in the Man-Pram? I know my daughter I would love this.

Thank you Dailymail for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of Dailymail.

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One Response to “Skoda Unveil vRS Mega Man-Pram, Features 20″ Alloy Wheels & Hydraulic Suspension”
  1. Wayne says:

    I can’t answer for the kids but I’d love to be pushed around in this thing.

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