Skyblivion – Oblivion in Skyrim Engine is Epic!

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We’ve seen some impressive PC gaming mods over the years, some finished, some not finished, some that never became more than a demonstration. Skyrim has seen lots of mods, in fact, it’s seen thousands of mods! Before Skyrim, we saw and I personally used hundreds of mods for Oblivion, but now those two worlds are beginning to collide.





Skyblivion isn’t complete yet, there’s a lot of work to do and the team is always looking for volunteers to help complete this staggeringly huge undertaking. They’ve been working on porting Oblivion and all its details into the game engine used for Skyrim. Why would you do this? Better graphics, improved physics and just because it’s awesome; it’s effectively a modern HD remaster/overhaul and then some! Sound familiar? Those who’ve been playing Elder Scrolls for a while may remember Morrowblivion which, you guessed it, ported Morrowind to Oblivions engine!

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There are  some issues with “navmeshes” at the moment, many lines of code that need to be ported to help navigate NPC players, but as you can see from the video below, the world of Oblivion is shaping up nicely and again, it can be improved further, but that lighting engine from Skyrim certainly makes a huge difference!



There’s lot of work to do on the project which you can help with, first step would be downloading the Skyblivion 0.2 .esm here. You can also volunteer here. Let’s not forget the still in progress Skywind project (video below).

Long story short… PC gaming is freaking awesome!

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  1. Moira Dineen says:

    Totally getting this . Should be in steam

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