Skype mobile to get video message functionality – iOS and Android users rejoice

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I’m a heavy Skype user as I use it on a day to day basis with the general running of eTeknix, and while I can’t be stationed at my desk 24/7, Skype mobile comes in very handy indeed, though sometimes video functionality is needed to put the icing on the cake, as photo messaging, iMessage and Facetime isn’t always possible, especially if talking to someone on an android device, or if they are desktop bound too.

It seems that now (with thanks to The Verge), since Microsoft have taken over the reigns of Skype, they are looking to launch an update which includes video messaging. The service will allow the user to send up to three minute long video messages to each other and will see this being rolled out to iOS, Android and Mac devices while Windows phone users will sadly have to wait until the end of April.

This is definitely a step in the right direction, which allows users to share content a lot more freely without the need for a fully fledged video call.

Obviously, software widely used such as Whatsapp already offers this service but with MSN Messenger users being migrated over to the Skype platform, this is definitely the right time to see extra functionality being added in.

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